Food for thought

18th March 2020

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1

I wrote this with a passion
in 2018. I thank God
for the timely knowledge
He gave me to
help in this Corona crisis!

Power in My hands...
Thank You Lord for another answer...
High dose Vitamin C

By Shirley Howitt


(booklet is a pdf file - please download after payment to your computer.
Any problems send me a text)


I bought spare Vitamin C just a few days ago. Delivery hopefully today. The company are now out of stock...but I will have a limited supply for a few people if you can't get it elsewhere!

500 gm
Pure L-Ascorbic Vitamin C


£10 + £3.55 postage



Pineapple tapes

This is brilliant


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Vitamin C




The World Health Association is trying to censor any good news that is coming straight from the doctors' mouths in China.

You will probably find that the media are saying this is fake....
but watch next video too and see how Dr Andrew Saul who is in touch with Wuhan doctors verifies all that Dr Chen is saying




Anne Louise Gittleman is recommending not just Vitamin C at high doses but Selenium, Zinc and Vitamin D, Also Niacin B3 seems to help the immune system greatly. In this article. 'Why I'm not afraid of Corona Virus and You shouldn't be either' she explains








The Lord is saying. There are opportunities in every season of life to praise, to love and to have faith!
In this day and in this season a great and effectual door has been opened. It is your chance to excel in the gifts I have given you. It is your time to shine for my glory!


Song by Shirley

Andrew Wommacks Charis bible Course


Hi Friends,
We are studying the third video in the Righteousness series. Also below is the Sure Foundation course. I can't begin to tell you how I'm growing in faith since I started this course.




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